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How To Solve WordPress Post Missed Schedule Error in One Click

July 8, 2014
WordPress Missed Schedule

Post schedule is one of the useful feature of WordPress, as using it you can quickly schedule post for upcoming time or days. I use this feature on almost all of my blogs to keep them updated, and keep my work load less. For some reason on one of my WordPress blog, a scheduled post failed to publish at the […]

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How To Fix Akismet Error Code: 10003 Without Paying A Dime

June 29, 2014
Free Akismet API Key

If you are logged into your WordPress dashboard after a long time and you are seeing this error which says “Akismet Error Code: 10003″, Howdy! It looks like you have an Akismet Personal subscription, which does not appear to be appropriate for your current usage. In order to continue using Akismet in this way, you will need to upgrade your subscription […]

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How To Check For Spam in Approved Comments in WordPress

June 28, 2014
check WordPress comments for Spam

Recently I was working on a client WordPress site which was migrated from BlogSpot to WordPress, and after migration she didn’t configure Akismet plugin and neither configured WordPress discussion settings to prevent comment spam. This resulted in numerous spam comments getting approved and were live on her blog. Eventually, this resulted her blog to be penalised by Google penguin penalty […]

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How To Show Last Updated Blog Posts in Sidebar for More PageViews

June 25, 2014
last updated posts WordPress plugin

Sidebar of a blog is one of the most effective ways to get more page views on your old blog posts. From my experience, I have learned it’s more effective to show popular or random posts based on current post category to increase page views. Today, I will be talking about one more method which not only helps your regular […]

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Best Free Resources To Learn Creating WordPress Plugins

June 5, 2014
DEvelop WordPress plugin

Everyone, who has WordPress as their CMS platform, makes use of plugins for bringing extra functionalities quickly! Sometimes however need arises such that you have to write codes expanding several lines, because plugins do not have what you specifically want. And if you run multiple blogs or sites, copying codes to each would be a daunting task at times! So […]

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5 Best Plugins To Fix Featured Image Issues in WordPress

February 16, 2014
regenerate thumbnails

Featured Image, also known as ‘Post Thumbnail’, is an integral part of almost every WordPress blog. Whatever theme may be you are using for your blog, it is supposed to support this feature! Introduced in WordPress 2.9, using it you can easily add an image as thumbnail to your posts. However, issues related to Featured Image may come up at […]

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Why New WordPress Blog Should Host On Shared Hosting

February 13, 2014
WordPress shared hosting

When it comes to shopping for WordPress hosting, you have various options like Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated and now managed WordPress hosting. Specially if you are someone who is just starting with WordPress, you are more likely to pick anyone from the above hosting category and host your blog. If you pick any of the popular shared WordPress hosting, […]

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How To Install Genesis WordPress Theme And First Genesis Skin

February 8, 2014
Green Pro Genesis skin

When ever it comes down to selecting WordPress themes, we have many options out there. I have already shared some of the popular WordPress theme framework, and personally I hold license for Thesis and Genesis theme framework. Out of Thesis Vs. Genesis, Genesis is my choice of framework now, as it offers lots of skin for different website type, and […]

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WordPress Plugin To Remove WebSite Link From Comment Form

January 19, 2014
Remove Website Link comment form

One of the major difference between a website and a blog is commenting system. WordPress which is powering 20% of websites in the world (January 2014 report), offers default comment form which will let a commenter like you to add name, Email address and website URL. There is one thing which every WordPress blogger should ask themselves; if they really […]

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A Beginner Guide To WordPress MultiSite & Its Pros & Cons

December 22, 2013
WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite, previously known as Multi-User (MU) refers to a network of WordPress sites (WordPress MS). It is a core feature, which enables you create and run more than one site, from a single installation of WordPress. As for example, you can look for the site – – which has been based on this. Once you are there, you and […]

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